Now AI will control crowd, climate at FIFA World Cup

First time concept of a "connected stadium" will be implemented
<p>Photo: Twitter</p>

Photo: Twitter

Qatar has built a cutting-edge technology hub that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor crowds, predict spectators’ attendance and regulate the temperature of the stadium.

For the first time ever in a World Cup, the concept of a “connected stadium” will be implemented.

More than a hundred technicians will be on call around the clock at the Aspire Command and Control Center, watching the eight World Cup stadiums via the eyes of the 22,000 surveillance cameras.

The Qatari center’s technical team is confident in their ability to predict crowd tendencies using gathered data.

They can anticipate a surge in the audience since they know exactly how many people are anticipated to come based on ticket sales, arrival time, entrance places, or even the flow of individuals at any given moment.

Experts will monitor the entrance and exit gates, look for a crowd when it exceeds 100, and make sure everyone gets in and out of the stadium without a hitch.

More than 1.2 million people are expected to attend the World Cup 2022 matches in Doha.

Representatives from FIFA and Qatar, as well as specialists in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and transportation, will be stationed at the center.


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