Imran claims he received partial, late information on May 25 court order

Says never intended to dislodge govt by storming federal capital, refutes reports of security agencies as inaccurate
Nov 16, 2022

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that his announcement to head towards D-Chowk in the federal capital on the night between May 24 and May 25, came after he received partial and late information regarding the court’s verbal order.

He further contended that reports submitted by security agencies were inaccurate as his counsels, Babar Awan and Faisal Fareed Chaudhry, also submitted separate replies.

In his reply, Imran assured the court of his absolute commitment to the rule of law and respect for, and faithful compliance with, the judgement and orders of this court.

“The answering respondent respectfully submits that he has not knowingly violated any order of this court,” Imran stated in his 23-page reply.

“If this court feels that the order dated May 25, 2022, was not complied with, the Answering Respondent (Imran) hereby assures the court that he was not made aware at any relevant time during the evening of May 25, 2022, of the detailed contents of the verbal order made by this court at about 6:05 pm on that date.”

Imran contended that the court had directed, at 6.05 pm, that the Interior Ministry’s secretary, as well as inspector generals of police for Islamabad, Punjab and the Attock deputy commissioner to facilitate a meeting of the designated PTI leadership in Islamabad, including Imran’s counsel Babar Awan, with Imran and their safe return.

“No such meeting was facilitated,” he said.

Imran further stated that given he was on the road leading the march atop his container from Mardan, he was not aware of the court’s order, nor was he in contact with his legal team.

He said that some people around 50 yards behind him saw the media reporting on the court’s order and told him, “in general terms,” that the court had asked the government to remove all restrictions and allow the PTI to enter the federal capital.

Emotionally charged over the violence perpetrated by the government and unaware of any bar imposed by the court, Imran told the court he had directed his followers to gather at D-Chowk in Islamabad for a peaceful protest demonstration.

He denied that he wanted to storm the federal capital to dislodge the government.

Further, he denied the reports submitted by law enforcement services prove that he intentionally or wilfully disobeyed the court orders.

“Reports prepared by the various agencies pursuant to the order of this court of May 26, 2022, are unilaterally and purposefully designed to absolve the state agencies of the grave violation of the constitution and the law committed by them in launching an assault on the people of Pakistan.

He added that the reports are based on “presumptions or inferences that are negated by the facts.”

Babar Awan reply

In his reply, Babar Awan stated that he could only reach PTI leader Asad Umar and after receiving verbal instructions from him, provided the court with categorical assurance.

“I never intentionally or unintentionally misled the court and acted in good faith having honored by the judiciary to have assisted various courts as amicus curiae,” he stated.

Faisal Fareed Chaudhry’s reply

In his reply, Chaudhry adopted a similar stance stating that the state did not act upon court orders and facilitate a meeting between the different stakeholders involved.

Moreover, he said that they could not get in touch with the capital’s authorities nor did they facilitate.

He added that due to the situation of the roads, they also could not travel to meet up with Imran’s convoy while a call did not materialize either.

Imran Khan

PTI long march

PTI protests

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