Revoke u-turn: Joyland team calls for movie release in Pakistan

Queer themed movie has already won prestigious international awards
<p>Photo: Khoosat Films/Instagram</p>

Photo: Khoosat Films/Instagram

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting recently banned Pakistan’s this years Oscar nomination, Joyland, now the cast and crew of the movie are demanding a revision of the decision.

Saim Sadiq, the director of the movie, in an Instagram post addressed the issue and claimed that the movie got seen and certified by all three censor boards in August 2022.

He added, “The Ministry suddenly caved under pressure from a few extremist factions – who have not seen the film – and made a mockery of our federal censor board by rendering their decision irrelevant.”

Famous Pakistani actor who is among the cast, Sania Saeed, also shared a post on her Instagram account regarding the ban on Joyland.

She wrote that the movie has not been banned yet and has only been termed as ‘uncertified’ by the censor board.

In her post, she urged people to approach the ministry and demand release the movie in cinemas.

She said, “Call the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and demand that they stand up to pressure from people looking to malign the film.”

Sarwat Gilani, who plays “Nucchi” in the movie, criticized the people who are ‘campaigning’ against the movie without even watching it.

She also called for the ministry to revoke its decision.

In a thread of tweets, she wrote, “There’s a paid smear campaign doing rounds against #Joyland, a film that made history for Pakistani cinema, got passed by all censor boards, but now authorities are caving into pressure from some malicious people who have not even seen the film.”

The film was due to release on November 18 in cinemas nationwide.

The directorial debut of Saim Sadiq, Joyland stars includes Sania Saeed along with Ali Junejo, Aleena Khan, Sarwat Geelani, Rasti Faruq, Salman Pirzada, and Sohail Samir.

Joyland became the first Pakistani movie to be screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and it also made its way to the Toronto Film Festival.

The movie won the Cannes Queer Palm prize for best LGBT, “queer” or feminist-themed movie.

The film also won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard segment.

On Friday, it won the Asia Pacific Screen Awards’ young cinema award, given in partnership with the critics’ association NETPAC and the Griffith Film School.


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