Fuel for progress: Pakistan’s start-up industry and a dedicated contributor

Shell Tameer Awards is a nationwide competition that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards young entrepreneurs

The technological sector of Pakistan in particular has grown in leaps and bounds, with more businesses looking to capture the online market with tech-savvy e-commerce platforms, the internet of things, and limitless assistance.

A dedicated contributor

This recent development has been fuelled by keen interest from investors. The stakeholders have been wary of tracking this change and consider the potential for the landscape to improve with time. One of these top guns is Shell Pakistan.

The initiative of Shell Pakistan

Shell Pakistan, through their initiative “Shell Tameer Awards”, has played a significant role in highlighting top start-ups ideas and business innovations. Shell Tameer Awards is a nationwide competition that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards young entrepreneurs of Pakistan who are making a change with their innovations.

Shell Tameer Awards 2022

Shell Tameer Awards 2022 was the 9th occasion for the competition since its inauguration in 2003. The competition had 253 entries this year and 30 finalists presented on the final day, aiming to bag a cash prize along with close guidance to achieve their goals and ambitions. The winners announcement for the competition was made on the 3rd of November, 2022.

The winners

Insiya Meherally’s start-up ‘The Method’ swept the category of Women Empowerment. Her innovative app-based network is providing safety training for women across the country.

Abuzar Siddiqui’s start-up ‘Enviro Solutions’ took the stage for Bright Ideas. His eco-friendly business idea is converting plastic waste into the material to build roads.

Muhammad Hassamuddin’s innovative idea ‘GeoAirCon’ won the category of Clean Solutions with his innovation that utilizes the temperature underground for low-cost and environment-efficient air-conditioning.

Zeeshan Shahid’s start-up ‘Motto Vest Trading’ won the category of Transportation and Mobility. His innovation is helping ensure biker safety with an AI sensor-based vest.

Humaira Rana was announced victorious in the Technology Innovation category for her start-up ‘Crop 2x’. Her start-up idea is helping to increase agricultural yield with AI-based solutions and data-driven insights.

And lastly, Dabeer Hemani took the prize in the Circular Economy category for ‘Concept Loop’, a technology-driven start-up offering solutions for plastic waste management and recycling.

The Runners-up

Nausheen Barkat’s start-up ‘Asqurr’ was the runner-up in the Women Empowerment category. Asqurr is a female-led organic honey brand with focus on empowering women and contributing towards a balanced ecosystem through sustainable bee farming.

Shoaib Hasan Rizvi’s start-up ‘BeWise’ won second place in the Bright Ideas category. Shoaib Hasan Rizvi is a passionate young entrepreneur working towards empowering rural women through an online platform that provides resources to channel their skills and abilities into meaningful livelihood opportunities.

Muhammad Mohsin Kareem’s innovation ‘Pak BioEnergy’ was the runner-up in the Clean Energy Solutions category. He is a clean energy innovator using biomass fuel as an environment-friendly alternative to conventional heating energy solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial clients.

Zohaib Matloob’s ‘Juggernaut’ took second place in the category of Transportation and Mobility. It is a tech-based start-up offering disruptive solutions to advance the cargo and trucking industry through technology.

Batool Amir’s ‘Oval NFT’ came second in the Technology Innovation category. It is a blockchain technology startup, providing NFT solutions with embedded smart contracts using blockchain technology, to help brands strategize and implement the launch of their NFTs.

Shell Tameer

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