Instagram releases new feature which will save you from fights!

It’ll only be available to professional accounts at this stage


Instagram is currently rolling out its new in-app post scheduling feature to all professional accounts after trying it out with a small group of users over the last few weeks.

The new Instagram post scheduling feature allows you to directly plan images, carousels, and reels within the app up to 75 days in advance.

So, you can create a post or record a reel for wishing someone birthday, anniversary or any other important day in their life in advance.

You’ll be able to schedule reels by:

  • In the creation flow, tap ‘Advanced Settings’ before sharing the post

  • Tap ‘Schedule this post’

  • Select the time and date you want it to go live

  • Tap ‘Schedule’ in the post composer

As previously said, Instagram has been testing the feature over the past few weeks, with a live test in the middle of last month.

Functionally, this doesn’t contribute anything new because Creator Studio has allowed you to plan posts since 2020.

However, it could make it simpler to manage your material when you’re on the road, and the ability to plan reels in particular might let you get the most out of your content.

According to Instagram, only professional accounts will have access to it for the time being, however anybody can switch to a professional account in the app by turning on the option in account settings.

If you don’t have the option now, Instagram claims that it will be available to you from today.

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