Unstoppable dengue fever claims another life as Sindh’s death toll rises to 56

Another 161 people admitted to hospitals in past 24 hours

Another patient succumbed to the viral dengue fever in Hyderabad, raising the death toll from the viral fever to 56 so far in 2022 in the province .

Meanwhile, another 161 people were admitted to hospital on suspicion of contracting dengue.

Data released by the provincial health department in its latest tranche of data released, showed that as many as 48 people have died of dengue fever in Karachi, four in Hyderabad, three in Mirpurkhas and one in Nawabshah.

The death toll has already risen to a four year high, the data showed.

The data further showed that in the past 24 hours, at least 161 people have ended up in the hospital due to dengue fever.

The report further said that in October alone, more than 8,000 cases of dengue fever were registered in different hospitals of Sindh.

The report said that during 2019, 46 deaths were reported in Sindh province – with 44 deaths reported in Karachi alone – while two deaths were reported in Hyderabad district.

Subsequently in 2020, just four deaths due to dengue were reported in Sindh in a year where there novel coronavirus (Covid-19) induced lockdowns were in full force. At the same time, more than 4,000 cases of dengue were reported.

In 2021, when the lockdown was lifted a little, 28 people had died due to dengue fever while more than 6,000 cases were registered in different hospitals of the province.

The health experts say that December has traditionally been the worst month with data showing that it was the period when highest rate of contraction of dengue was reported.

Doctors advised citizens to adopt precautionary measures and keep their environment clean.

“Remove stagnant water from inside and outside the homes and cover windows with net,” the experts advised.

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