Now you can talk to yourself on WhatsApp with this new feature

User can use this feature to save important notes, media, remainders
<p>Photo: AFP</p>

Photo: AFP

WhatsApp has begun testing a new feature, “Messages with yourself,” to enable users to send messages themselves. It is only available for beta users right now.

Although sending messages to your cellphone number was always an option, there was no separate chat window on the contact list for that purpose.

Users have even created groups with only one member to share media files or take notes.

The latest update, however, highlights your own chat box by adding “Message yourself” as the conversation caption when you begin a WhatsApp chat using your own phone number.

Additionally, WhatsApp will display your phone number in its contact list for faster access.

According to the report by WaBetaInfo, “If you send a message to the chat with your phone number, it will always be synced with your other linked devices since it is no longer an unsupported feature when using multi-device.”

Over the next several days, the feature will be made available to the public. In the following app version, WhatsApp will enhance the functionality that allows users to “see your phone number within the contacts list.”

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