Celebrities call out Humaima Malick for siding with abuse

They pointed out Khan’s sisters for staying quiet and not spotting an abuser in her family
<p>Photo: Dua Malik/Instagram</p>

Photo: Dua Malik/Instagram

Showbiz celebrities have pointed out Feroze Khan’s sister for staying quiet and not spotting an abuser in their household.

Faiza Ashfaq, a renowned fashion model called out Dua Malik for keeping her lips buttoned on Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan’s domestic violence case.

Ashfaq shared Malik’s old statement on Mohsin Abbas Haider and Faeza Sohail’s abusive marriage and called her a hypocrite for not spotting an abuser in her own house.

She said, “Why can’t you spot an abuser/harasser in your own home? Hypocrite much?”

“What was next, strangle her to death in name of your own version of Islam.” she added.

The model also criticized the Pakistani drama industry for romanticizing domestic abuse, she said, “To our pathetic drama industry . . Keep romanticizing violence, it’s working!!”

Sonia Mishal from Neeli Zinda Hai also expressed disgust with Humaima Malick and Dua Malik’s silence on Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan’s domestic violence case.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote, “Shame on Humaima Malick and Dua Malik along with their mother for staying quiet & letting this happen. I’m pretty sure you all were able to see her bruises. Can’t believe a woman won’t help another woman out.”

She further added that it is unbelievable that someone who calls themselves modern and educated and is also guided by a Sheikh can commit such act.

“A perfect recipe of a strong misogynist but a weak man. Feroze Khan,” the actor concluded.

In another Instagram story, commenting on Sultan’s images, which were part of the court’s record; she said, “So we all know where this could’ve led right? A potential murder, cover up/ victim blaming/ character assassination, and a long endless painful fight for justice. Aliza Sultan Khan, so glad you were able to break the cycle.”

Aliza Sultan on Monday, submitted the evidence of domestic abuse, including photos and a report of her medico-legal examination, before the district and session court of Karachi.

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The report indicates that Sultan suffered blunt injuries on her arms, back, chest, face, and minor bleeding from her nose.

On September 21, she confirmed her separation from her ex-husband in an Instagram post, sharing her traumatic experience with Khan.

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