Protect them now: Feroze Khan apparently didn’t practice what he preached

Aliza Sultan accused ex-husband of domestic abuse, infidelity
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

All hat and no cattle . . seemingly this idiom perfectly fits Pakistani actor Feroze Khan who allegedly hit his wife which has emerged just recently.

Maybe to dispel the image he had built from his roles in several dramas – that is of a man on a short fuse who ‘loves’ domestic violence.

His fans and even others sang praises when the news came out that Khan had created a page named Protect them now on Instagram – an initiative to protect women and children from harassment and abuse.

They attributed this ‘change’ because of the influence of the ‘Sheikh Sahab’ he was following.

At one point, it was assumed that the actor was on the verge of quitting showbiz. He was very much possessive about his spiritual teacher and did not tolerate when during shows somebody tried pulling his legs on it.

However, nobody knew what was going in the background until Aliza Sultan dared to speak up.

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Protect them now was created in September 2020 but Sultan – now his ex-spouse – claimed she was domestically abused by her ex-husband in a case filed in November – just a couple of months later after the actor kicked off the initiative, ironic certainly.

 Report filed against Feroze Khan over domestic abuse on NOvemver 16, 2020.
Report filed against Feroze Khan over domestic abuse on NOvemver 16, 2020.

This is the page Khan created on Instagram. But, he has removed all posts except the artwork used as the handle’s display.

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