Pakistani truck artists paint mural in Doha ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

The mural was painted, measuring around 23x33 feet each, at the Al Mansoura Metro Station

A team of Pakistani truck artists have painted a traditional truck art mural in Qatar as part of special global artist initiative from the Qatar Museum ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022.

The mural measured around 23x33 feet and has been painted at the Al Mansoura Metro Station.

The artists were part of the truck art group Phool Patti. Group’s leader Ali Salman Anchan said that they had been invited to Qatar as part of an official partnership with the Qatar Museum for its local program, Jedariart, in Doha this year.

Anchan said that it took them almost eight days to complete the mural.

Thus far, he said that they received rave reviews from awestruck observers and organizers and embodied the dedication of the artists to promote one of Pakistani culture’s most iconic artform in the world.

The best part of Jedariart is the Pakistani truck art mural and the Indian Truck Mural painted side-by-side.



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