Every child born in Pakistan has right to citizenship: IHC

Interior ministry ordered to grant Pakistani citizenship to child born to Afghan refugee family


Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minallah on Thursday said that a person born in Pakistan only requires a birth certificate to be called a Pakistani and citizenship is his or her right.

Minallah gave the aforementioned remarks during the hearing of the case pertaining issue of granting citizenship to a child born to an Afghan refugee family in Pakistan.

A 24-year-old Afghan born in Pakistan had filed an application in the court seeking Pakistani citizenship. On behalf Fazal Haq, lawyer Umer Ijaz Gilani appeared in the court.

The lawyer said his client spent 24 years in Pakistan without any citizenship.

The court ordered to grant petitioner Pakistani nationality in light of the verdict in Hafiz Hamdullah’s case.

Just like laws in countries such as America and others, our law is also bound to grant citizenship to every child born here, the chief justice remarked.

He further ordered the interior ministry to complete the legal process by next Friday and submit a report on it.

The interior ministry’s counsel assured the court that they will soon verify the birth certificate of the Afghani child.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case while seeking a report till October 28.




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Khan Oct 20, 2022 09:58pm
Pakistan is not America! Pakistan don't have solid immigration system. Pakistan don't have solid law enforcement and border control. Pakistan don't have ANY control over refugees and fanatics and terrorists coming illegally through the borders. Pakistan does not have any background check verification system for Irani/Afghanis. Pakistan's national welfare system and social infrastructure CANNOT afford any such luxury. Pakistan's hospitals are full, schools and colleges and universities are overflowing, buses/trains are running beyond capacity. There is food shortage, electricity, gas, and water shortages and inadequate healthcare issues! Before giving citizenship to a baby, even India requires ONE parent to be an Indian Citizen, and other parent to be a LEGAL immigrant of India. The Islamabad High Court must REVERSE this decision!
Abbas Oct 23, 2022 08:22pm
What kind of decision by the judge, Pakistan is not America nor Europe our own population don't have to eat well. Half of afghan population of Afghanistan born in pakistan, then you will have to give 20 million afghan national Pakistan id cards. Afghan should go back just as they came here, there is no other solution.
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