WATCH: Faisalabad youth builds electric bike out of scrap

E-bike can travel around 25KM on single charge
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

Ahmed Shahzad, a Faisalabad youngster, made an electric bike entirely out of scrap material. A complete single charge of this e-bike will only cost Rs30, giving a 25KM run.

The young man said that since childhood, he always used to play around with mechanical and electrical stuff.

“I used to open up toys playing with the motors and batteries in my childhood days.” Ahmed said on Naya Din.

He said that his friend offered to work in his workshop, and he learned more about it. Then he came up with the idea of an e-bike and explored YouTube, where he got the inspiration to build his own electric vehicle.

“I made this bike in one month,” Ahmed said.

The bike is equipped with a 1500v motor, 24v battery, and 10amp charger, costing Ahmed around Rs50,000-55,000.

“It travels for 20-25KM on a single charge and only costs Rs30 for a full charge,” claims Ahmed

Ahmed said that he made this bike due to petrol price hike and increasing inflation.

The youngster appealed that he needs support from the government to make it more efficient.



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