Priyanka Chopra unfollows Hasan Minhaj after he jokes about Malala

Says US comedian prefers petty over funny
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Priyanka Chopra, in a show of support for Malala Yousafzai, unfollowed US comedian Hasan Minhaj after he made a joke about not following the Nobel laureate in his recent video.

Minhaj posted a video on Sunday stating, “On October 4th, I made a joke about Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala. I said she follows me on Instagram and I don’t follow her back. Then on October 5th, she retaliated (asking who is this man?). Instead of doing a runoff, she unfollowed me on Instagram. I am sorry Malala, follow me back. I don’t know if I’ll follow you though. I am that petty.”

Soon after, Malala shared the comedian’s video on her Instagram story and wrote that she doesn’t follow Minhaj on the picture-sharing platform anymore.

The Quantico star extended her support to Malala.

She shared a screenshot of the comedian’s Instagram account that shows that she also doesn’t follow Minhaj. Priyanka wrote, “Same girl same @malala! Guess he prefers petty over funny.”

Apart from the actor, many internet users also stood up for Malala. One of the users said, “As much as I love your brand of comedy this didn’t sit well with me. She follows you because she thinks you are funny. You should follow her because she has been trying to make a difference in the world for women’s right to education.”

Malala and Priyanka met recently at the UN General Assembly’s Global Goals Awards. They took pictures together and got to know each other better.

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