A referendum: Imran says ridding Pakistan of corruption not his responsibility alone

Asks former coalition partner MQM if they were happy in current arrangement with PDM
<p>Samaa:file photo</p>

Samaa:file photo

** Former prime minister Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday told a muted Karachi crowd that it was not his responsibility alone to fight corruption in the country, as he urged the gathered thousands to vote for him in Sunday’s by-elections.**

Addressing the crowd in the low-income and industrial workers locality of Shah Faisal in the port city, Imran reiterated his criticism of the incumbent Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government in the center.

He accused them of granting themselves NROs and changing the accountability laws to white-list their crimes.

“They changed the law so now, big thieves will not be caught but only lowly street criminals,” he said, hoping to reach out to Karachi’s residents who have witnessed a frightening increase in street crime in recent weeks.

He credit residents of the megalopolis of for being politically aware and that all major political movements in the country had begun here.

He even took a swipe at his former coalition partners, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P), asking if they were enjoying the new coalition with their old friend Zardari.

Imran recounted how his party, which had a government in the center, had no power in the province. Despite that, Imran sought to remind the public how his party had launched mega projects in the city including circular railways, the Green Line bus service and the K-IV water supply project.

He went on to term Sunday’s by-election on two constituencies in the city – NA-237 Malir and NA-239 Korangi, as ‘referendums’ against the incumbent government.

Would make Karachi crime-free if elected

Earlier while addressing a corner meeting on Friday, Imran vowed to rid the residents of the province of oppressors if elected in the next elections.

He said this while addressing a corner meeting in Karachi on Friday ahead of Sunday’s by-election which he is contesting.

The former prime minister, who made scant visits to the city during his near-four-year-long rule, said if God gives him another chance, he would make Karachi crime-free.

“Inshallah, we will establish not only federal government but also Sindh government and eliminate Zardari mafia raj in Sindh,” he proclaimed.

He further said that the ‘Zardari mafia’ was looting the wealth of Karachi and investing it abroad, especially Dubai. That is why Dubai is flourishing, he claimed.

“Zardari mafia is a bad luck for people of Sindh,” he said.

He said that no one can dare to stop PTI revolution, we must take stand against thieves; as people are waiting for change.

Later, he also took oath from the participants of the meeting for joining the PTI freedom march.

Imran Khan



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