Imran Khan accepts he was powerless during his govt

Talking to journalists he says he would have defeated Sher Shah Suri, if he had gotten even half the power in his tenure
Oct 12, 2022

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Irman Khan claimed on Wednesday that some one else pulled the strings of power during his tenure and that he was all but a figurehead. Had he been given control of even half of his due power, he would have even defeated a formidable commander as Sher Shah Suri.

He made this admission while talking to a select group from the media in Lahore on Wednesday.

He reiterated his claim that the society could flourish if there was true rule of law.

Earlier while addressing the doctors convention and an Insaf Students Federation (ISF) convention in Lahore, the former prime minister said that those who have been stealing the state’s resources for the past three decades have been repeatedly let off the hook through National Reconciliation Ordinances (NROs).

The young generation has received nothing through the corrupt system of the country, he said.

He further claimed that during his tenure, the country saw record exports. But now, the public has stopped filing income tax returns while they preferred to send their money abroad, contributing to a falling exchange rate between the rupee and the US dollar.

The industries are closed and the economy is in a fragile state, he said.

He said that due to external conspiracy, a cabal of thieves has been set on the nation.

“I am giving a call for the ‘true independence’ march as Pakistan is facing the worst situation and thieves are stealing the nation’s resources,” he said, adding that he owns no assets outside of Pakistan.

In his other address in Islamabad at a trade union workers’ convention, he said that the government has been granted a license for corruption after laws of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were amended and made toothless.

“Under the NAB amendment only those are accountable who are involve in small corruption, the big fishes and white collars criminals will not be arrested anymore,” he claimed.

During the last third year of the PTI government, the financial indicators of the country were all going up, he added.

Imran Khan

Rayhan Oct 12, 2022 09:02pm
Now where did Sher Shah Suri come from? This guy is insane and keeps coming up with these insane analogies. He knows he messed up and is now trying to hide his failures.
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