Meta unveils its Quest Pro virtual, mixed-reality headset

New VR headset will hit the market with price tag of $1,500
<p>Photo: Meta</p>

Photo: Meta

Meta Platform on Tuesday launched Quest Pro virtual and mixed reality headgear, a significant step for CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s entry into the higher-end market for extended reality computing products.

The new VR headset, presented at Meta’s annual Connect conference, will be available on October 25 for $1,500.

It will allow users to interact with superimposed digital creations over a full-color vision of the real world.

The Quest Pro headset from Meta offers several improvements over the company’s Quest 2 VR headset, which currently rules the consumer virtual reality industry.

The most striking feature is that it has outward-facing cameras that record a sort of 3D live stream of the physical environment around a user, making it possible for mixed reality novelties like the ability to hang a virtual painting on a real-world wall or have a virtual ball bounce off a real-world table.

With thin pancake lenses and a repositioned battery that rests at the rear of the headset, the Quest Pro is lighter and smaller than its predecessors, distributing weight more evenly and minimizing overall size.

Moreover, Quest Pro is being marketed by Meta as a productivity tool for creative professionals like designers and architects.



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