Facebook issues warning for iOS, Android users regarding malicious apps

These apps found to steal login credentials
<p>Photo: AFP</p>

Photo: AFP

Meta warns Facebook users that dozens of “malicious mobile applications” have infected their smartphones through the App Store.

Security researchers discovered hundreds of apps intended to capture Facebook login information and hack people’s accounts, potentially compromising over a million logins.

While the social media giant has discovered over 400 applications in total, roughly just 50 of them are from the iOS App Store. They have all been withdrawn from the store.

According to Meta, applications represented as legitimate apps on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store were “disguised as picture editors, games, VPN services, business tools, and other utilities to deceive customers into installing them.”

When the applications are installed on an iPhone, they prompt users to log in with Facebook before they may use them. When they do, hidden spyware will collect their login and password and use it to obtain complete access to their account.

How to avoid it?

Meta says that users who have downloaded the applications should uninstall them from their phones and update their Facebook login. The California-based company also suggests setting two-factor authentication and enabling login alerts if someone attempts to access your account.

According to Meta, the bogus applications may have fooled over a million customers.

App Name

FB Advertising Optimization

Business ADS Manager

Ads Analytics

FB Adverts Optimization

FB Analytic

FB Adverts Community

Adverts Ai Optimize

Very Business Manager

FB Business Support

Fb Ads

Meta Optimizer

Business Manager Pages

Adverts Manager

Meta Adverts Manager

Ad Optimization Meta

FB Pages Manager

Business Ads

Meta Business

Business Suite Manager

FB Ads Cost

Adverts Bussiness Suite

Business Ads Clock

Ads & Pages

Business Suite

Business & Ads

Business Manager Overview

Business Suite Ads

Page Suite Manager

Business Meta Support

Pages Manager Suite

Business Meta Pages

Business Suite Ads

Ads Business Knowledge

Page Suite Managers

Pages Managers Suite

Ads Business Advance

Pages Manager Suite

Business Suite Optimize

Business Manager Suite

Business Suite Managers

Ads Business Manager

Ads Business Suite

Business Manager Pages

Business Adverts Manager

Ads Manager Suite

Business Manager Pages

Ads & Business Suite

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