Prohibited funding case: Interior ministry greenlights FIA to register case against Imran Khan

Case to be filed over 11 'benami' accounts linked to Imran Khan which have surfaced

The federal government has given permission to the Federal Investigation agency (FIA) to register the case against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in the prohibited funding case.

SAMAA TV Investigation Unit (SIU), while quoting credible sources, said that the federal interior ministry has given the FIA greenlight to register cases against bigwigs of the party for falsification and failure to declare foreign financial transactions.

The case will be registered as per evidence acquired by FIA.

The agency said that six different investigative teams of the agency have been probing various transactions linked to PTI, including through 11 ‘benami’ accounts.

Of these, the FIA claimed, Imran Khan is the signatory on two of the accounts.

The documents further revealed that in one account, around $51,000 were transacted.

Moreover, through another account in a private bank in Islamabad, a transaction worth Rs86 million was recorded.

Imran Khan is reportedly the beneficiary of both financial transactions.

The documents further said that Saifullah Niazai and Sardar Azhar are also signatories of these accounts.

The documents further pointed out that other evidence points to the presence of eight undeclared accounts, including one in Karachi which is allegedly handled by PTI leader and former planning minister Asad Umer.

Another account is in Lahore which is allegedly managed by Mian Mehmoodur Rashid.

An account traced to Peshawar is reportedly managed by Asad Qaiser, PTI Quetta is handled by former deputy speaker Qasim Suri with undeclared transections of more than Rs20 million.

Imran Ismail is said to be the manager of a separate Karachi account along with Tariq Shafi and Saifullah Niazi.

Moreover, the FIA has written 11 letters to authorities in six countries including:

  • Australia,
  • Canada,
  • USA,
  • Switzerland,
  • Singapore

Of these, one friendly country responded and shared details of eight accounts at a private Pakistani bank.

Subsequently, the FIA has sought permission from the federal interior ministry to register the case under sections 420, 406, 468, 471A of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Imran and other bigwigs of PTI.

Imran Khan



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