India on the brink of genocide, warns Swede professor

Assessment in line with opinion of Dr Gregory who earlier predicted Rwanda genocide
<p>Hindu extremists wield swords against Muslims during 2002 Gujrat riots in India. Photo: AFP/file</p>

Hindu extremists wield swords against Muslims during 2002 Gujrat riots in India. Photo: AFP/file

A Swede professor of peace and conflict research has said that India is at the top of the list of countries that are likely to witness genocide.

Professor Ashok Swain, an ardent critic of rising Islamophobia and Hindutva extremism, took to Twitter to express his disdain over the rising cases of hate crimes promoted by Hindu clergy against a religious community.

“A Hindu religious leader asking thousands of his supporters to carry arms to support Modi’s plan to make India a Hindu country - This is why India is the No1 country in the world that is likely to witness a genocide,” the professor tweeted.

In a series of tweets pertaining to rising hate crimes against Muslims, he also lambasted the administration of Madhya Pradesh (MP) for bulldozing Muslim-owned houses on the pretext of “throwing stones at a Hindu Dance event”.

Multiple videos have surfaced all over the internet where Muslims are being publicly persecuted and discriminated against, especially during the Hindu festival of Garba.

With the rising number of Islamophobia cases, analysts from around the world have expressed apprehensions that the country is on the verge of a genocide.

Genocide Watch Founder Dr Gregory Stanton, who had predicted the genocide in Rwanda years before it took place in 1994, has also issued an alert for a directed ‘Muslim extermination campaign’ in the light of rising intolerance in Modi-led India.

Among the 20 genocide warnings listed on his organization’s website, Dr Gregory predicts genocide in the making in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu Kashmir (IIOJK) as well as Assam.

Dr Stanton is well known for his ‘Ten Stages of Genocide’ prepared for the US Department of State during his employment in 1996.

He continues to call upon the United Nations and its members to warn India to not commit genocide in Kashmir in his various videos published on YouTube.

Dr Stanton has also urged the UN secretary general to stop discrimination against Bengali Muslims in India. Millions of Bengali Muslims are at risk of losing citizenship rights following the passing of the draconian law that singled out only Muslim immigrants while members of other religious communities were allowed a legal gateway to acquire India’s citizenship.


Muslim genocide in India

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