EU charging port reforms may force Apple to adapt its popular devices

European Union wants a single charging port type for devices including mobile phones, tablets, and cameras by 2024
Oct 04, 2022
<p>A USB Type-C cable. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons</p>

A USB Type-C cable. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The European Parliament approved new rules on Tuesday that will introduce in the European Union a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras by 2024, a world first that is expected to affect iPhone maker Apple more than its rivals.

The vote confirms an earlier agreement among EU institutions and will make USB-C connectors used by Android-based devices the EU standard, forcing Apple to change its charging port for iPhones and other devices.

Among big providers of electronic devices to European customers, Apple is expected to be among the most affected, but analysts also expect a possible positive impact because it could encourage shoppers to buy the company’s latest gadgets instead of ones without USB-C.

The deal also covers e-readers, ear buds and other technologies, meaning it may also have an impact on Samsung, Huawei and other device makers, analysts said.

Apple, Samsung, and Huawei were not immediately available for comments.


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