VIRAL: How well Dil Dooba song fits on Kesariya dance mix version, internet goes crazy

Somebody swapped Kesariya’s video with Dil Dooba’s audio, and it went viral

Internet has gone crazy over how perfectly Bollywood song Dil Dooba fits on Kesariya dance mix version.

Kesariya song from Brahmastra featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Butt witnessed an unexpected ‘crossover’.

Somebody on the internet put 2003 song Dil Dooba’s audio in Kesariya’s video.

Moments after it was shared on social media, the users simply could not resist resharing it besides leaving interesting remarks.

To make comparison easy-peasy for you, here is the original version of the song.

If the crossover hasn’t somehow made it to your feed yet, watch it here.

Well, after weighing up both, we have a similar opinion too. What about you?


Dil Dooba

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