“We have known each other for many years,” Ameesha Patel opens up about Imran Abbas

Rumors that they were dating ran rife after duo's video

Indian actor Ameesha Patel has crushed all speculations about dating with Pakistani model and actor Imran Abbas following their Instagram video clip.

Both actors met in Bahrain at a recent event and on reunion, they recorded a video together on the song Dil Mein Dard Sa Jaga Hai from the movie Kranti.

The netizens had started assuming that both actors were dating each other which is why they appeared so close in the video.

“I read them too, and had a huge laugh about it. The whole thing is just crazy and full of silliness. I was meeting my buddy after so many years. So, it was just a catch up,” shares the actor while talking to Hindustan Times.

“He happens to love that song of mine. It’s his favourite song… We just did an impromptu thing, which was recorded by a friend. It came out so cute, so we posted it. It was not planned,” she said.

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai actor said, “We have known each other for many years, since the time I studied with him at a university in the US. And I have stayed in touch with most of my friends in Pakistan, who just love India. Abbas belongs to the film industry there, and we have a lot more to talk about.”

Imran Abbas

Ameesha Patel

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