Hareem Shah is returning to Pakistan on Oct 3 but fears arrest

Court says can't stop FIA from investigation

TikToker Hareem Shah is returning to Pakistan on October 3 but she fears that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) might arrest her upon arrival.

On Thursday, the Sindh High Court heard her application requesting the court to stop the FIA from arresting her.

Hareem’s lawyer said that she wants to surrender before the FIA as she is returning to country on October 3. He requested the court to stop the law enforcers from arresting her.

The court asked if a case has been registered against Hareem. The FIA has summoned her for inquiry, a case has not been registered yet, Hareem’s counsel replied.

How the court can stop the FIA from arresting her if a case has not even been registered, the court said.

Stop playing games with the court, Justice KK Agha said.

The court said Hareem misused the earlier order of the SHC.

The court had stopped the FIA from arresting her upon arrival but she blew up her chance, Justice KK Agha said.

Isn’t she’s the same person who flaunted money and claimed that she laundered it? Justice Agha asked.

We can not stop the FIA from investigation, the court said.

The court dismissed the petition after Shah’s lawyer withdrew the application.

If she wants, she can approach the court after reaching Pakistan, the court said.

Hareem Shah

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