Another audio leak? Let’s turn it into foreign conspiracy, Imran Khan told principal secretary

Tells him to play along but not to take the US' name
Sep 28, 2022

Just two days after the federal government decided to conduct high-level investigation into audio leaks from inside the inner sanctum of the highest public office of the land, another audio has leaked. This time the alleged audio is of former prime minister Imran Khan and his principal secretary Azam Khan.

The audio seems to be recorded at the time when Imran claimed that the opposition had conspired with the US to oust him and claimed that cypher sent from Washington embassy of Pakistan proves it.

Although, the National Security Committee in an April meeting said that it found no evidence of foreign conspiracy.

The un-dated audio which went viral on Wednesday is of an alleged conversation between then prime minister Imran Khan and his principal secretary Azam Khan.

Below is the translated transcript of the conversation between the two:

Imran Khan: We have to play now… not going to take America’s name…We have to play on the fact that this date [of no-confidence motion] was pre-decided.

Azam Khan: Sir, I was thinking that on the cipher… I think we should hold a meeting on this. If you remember, the ambassador had written at the end that a demarche should be sent. Even if we are not going to issue a demarche… because I thought about all of this all night… You said that they have raised this issue but no, then I thought about how to cover this. Hold a meeting of Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the Foreign Secretary. Qureshi would read out the letter and whatever he reads out, we will turn it into a copy. I’ll include it in the minutes [of the meeting] that the foreign secretary has said this….Then we’ll do its analysis here. And we will include the analysis in the minutes [of the meeting]. This way it will be in the record of the office. The analysis will be that it’s a threat, in diplomatic language, this is tantamount to a threat. And since the minutes are in my hands, we will raft the minutes as we like.

Imran Khan: Who should we call in the meeting? Shah Mehmood, you [Azam Khan], me, and Sohail.

Azam Khan: That’s it

Imran Khan: Okay, let’s do it tomorrow

Azam Khan: So these things come on record… See that he’s consulate for the state, if he reads out and I’ll copy it, and this way it will easily come on record that this has happened

Azam Khan: You should call the foreign secretary so this doesn’t remain only political but also become part of the bureaucratic record.

Imran Khan: But it has been written by the ambassador

Azam Khan: But we didn’t receive the copy, how did they take it out?

Imran Khan: It has risen from here… He has raised it…Anyhow, let’s turn it into a foreign conspiracy.

Imran Khan

foreign conspiracy

leaked audio

unknown Sep 28, 2022 03:27pm
why did you trim the last sentence in the audio? because IK said something else and you want to potray something else?
Pakistani Sep 28, 2022 09:25pm
@unknown, this what their agenda to blatantly lie to the people and portray that he deliberately wanted to make it a foreign conspiracy…whereas, its clear from the actual audio that he said “Anyhow, hai tou ye foreign conspiracy” Tsk tsk these media houses on PDM’s payroll think people are blind and deaf.
Paktrack Sep 28, 2022 11:00pm
PM and officials conspiring to malign top brass. And they acted upon this plan. So what’s stopping the state now to start article 6 proceedings. Appeasement always has undesirable consequences.
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