TikTok sensation Hareem Shah to donate ‘winnings of casino’ to flood victims

She is on a trip to Malaysia

Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah has decided to donate ‘gambling winnings’ her husband won in a casino in Malaysia. Yes, you read it right!

Hareem Shah and her husband Bilal are vacationing in Malaysia. She has shared multiple photos and videos from the trip, one of which was from a casino.

The TikTok star could be heard in the video that her spouse won 5,000 Malaysian Ringgits which she would donate to flood victims in Pakistan.

Notably, she says the amount equals to almost Rs2.5 million however this is wrong. It equals to Rs0.25 million – which in any case – would be donated to the flood survivors.

Hareem Shah has turned off the comments on her post.


Hareem Shah


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