‘Will resume from where I left off’

Dar heads to Luton airport ahead of return to Pakistan

Former federal finance minister Ishaq Dar on Monday hoped to pick up where he had left Pakistan’s financial hot seat five years ago, aiming to work on improving the value of the rupee against the dollar apart from addressing several other macroeconomic crises facing the country.

He said this on Monday morning while leaving his home in London for the final time before heading to Pakistan.

Dar’s travel to Pakistan will bring to an end his five-year self-exile from Pakistan.

Resuming from where he left off

Speaking to SAMAA TV prior to his departure from London, Dar said that the problems with Pakistan’s economy are quite apparent.

He added that the office he had left to come to London for medical treatment, he would be returning to the same office.

Dar hoped to restore the country’s economic position, which he had helped take Pakistan to during 2013-2017, when the interest rate was the lowest, and the growth rate was the highest in decades, while other macroeconomic indicators were also positive with a stable rupee and high reserves.

“We will try to arrest the economy’s downward trend and change its direction by the grace of God,” he said.

He reiterated that there was a politically motivated tax on not filing returns while he had never delayed filing his income tax returns.

Shehabz heads to Luton

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has also departed for Luton Airport, but he and Dar are travelling to the airport separately.

Dar is also accompanied by this son.

Ishaq Dar

Return of Dar

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