Brahmastra’s director compares SRK’s cameo to Robert Downey Jr’s ‘Iron Man’

Shah Rukh Khan's much talked about cameo in Brahmastra has fans demanding a spin-off starring him
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Recently, Ayan Mukherji while talking about the fan theories of Brahmastra, discussed Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo role and compared it with Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man”.

Ever since the release of Brahmastra, the most loved character in the movie is SRK’s ‘Vanarastra’. Fans have requested that the Dilwale actor get an entire film dedicated to his character.

While discussing SRK’s scenes in the movie, Ayan Mukherji shared how he feels the scene looked a bit like “Iron Man”.

He said, “If you actually look closely, you will see the tonality of that scene is a little bit Iron Man-like. We always thought Vanarastra will always exist in the world of science, which is why we have shown him to be a scientist.”

He further added, “The tonality of that scene is different from the tonality of the rest of the film. Brahmastra has a romance between Shiva and Isha, it has some sincerity in its tonality. But Shah Rukh Khan is kind of a hero, cracking jokes. So, I knew that that tonality is different, even when we were shooting it, we were like this is very exciting.

While talking about King Khan’s character, Mukherji said that he is already thinking to exploring the world of Vanarastra in the future.

“If we get an opportunity, Vanarastra, with Shah Rukh sir, or even without him, is a great world to go into,” he stated.


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