Pakistan among countries where you can watch 2022’s last solar eclipse

The Partial solar eclipse will start at 5pm
Sep 23, 2022

Pakistan will be among a handful of countries which will get to witness the second and last solar eclipse of 2022.

Along with Pakistan, the solar eclipse will also be visible in parts of Europe, Asia, and northeast Africa

Karachi University Prof Dr Javed Iqbal has said that the solar eclipse will peak at 3:57pm on on October 25 and end at 5:56pm while a partial eclipse of the sun will take place at 5:00pm.

Those watching will be able to see a part of the lunar body darken than the other part.

During the solar eclipse, one may also be able to see the famed ‘ring of fire’ that engulfs the lunar body during this phenomenon.

The solar eclipse happens once or twice a year. The earth may witness a maximum of five eclipses in a year.

Solar eclipses tend to only be visible to approximately 0.5% of the Earth’s surface.

The first solar eclipse of this year was witnessed on May 1 across the globe, including Pakistan.

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Solar Eclipse

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