Fact check: Was a daylight robbery at Karachi’s famous restaurant real?

Criminals spreading panic among Karachi residents through fake social media posts

Recently, a message went viral on social that Lasania Restaurant, located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, was robbed while people were dining. The message claimed that all the diners, hotel staff were robbed of their valuables.

This turned out to be false. The manager of the restaurant said no such incident has taken place at their eatery.

Karachi claim that the criminal elements are spreading misinformation to create panic among Karachi residents.

Criminals are now posting videos of street crimes from other parts of the world claiming they are from Karachi. Many videos show people being killed for resisting robberies.

SSP Irfan Bahadur said that many fake videos are being posted on social media to spread fear among the masses.

“They [criminals] are uploading the videos of crimes that happened in other countries and posted as if it happened in Karachi,” he said.

He further said that people should be aware of their latest tactics.

DIG Raja Umer Khitab claimed that some criminal elements have gathered personal data of people from social media sites and are extorting money by posing as police officers.

They would threaten them that their lives could be spent in jail as they are wanted for a serious offense, hence, they must bribe to stay out, DIG Khitab said.

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Asif Sep 23, 2022 05:40pm
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