PTA blocks 1.1m URLs running campaigns against state institutions, posting illegal content

Authority says it had processed 1.2m for blocking

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked over 1.1 million URLs/links running campaigns against state institutions and posting illegal content online.

The authority said that it has processed around 1.2 million URLs for blocking which were then sent to the social media platforms concerned. The PTA had received complaints about some of them while others were detected by the authority itself.

Of these, 1,135,814 have been blocked. The PTA has marked 878,300 links (around 78% of the total URLs blocked) as others/miscellaneous.

Around 113,000 Facebook links have been blocked as part of the campaign followed by 63,632 TikTok accounts.

A total of 36,138 YouTube links have been blocked while the number of Twitter links blocked is 31,870.







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