Princess Diana’s funeral service was watched more on TV than Queen Elizabeth II’s

Broadcasters Audience Research Board releases preliminary stats
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Although millions of people watched Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey but the television rating remained below when compared to Princess Diana’s final farewell broadcasted in 1997.

Diana’s farewell service received higher TV ratings in the US and the UK.

The UK-based Broadcasters Audience Research Board (Barb) released preliminary statistics of the event.

The stats of Queen’s funeral were lower than the number of viewers who watched Princess Diana’s funeral on TV.

In the US, the Queen’s state funeral was watched by around 11.4 million people which is almost two times less than 33.2 million people who tuned in to watch Diana’s.

In the UK, 27 million people watched it which is slightly less than Diana’s funeral which attracted 32 million viewers.

Another interesting fact is that Prince Harry and Prince William’s weddings were more watched on television than the death of their grandmother.

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