WATCH: Caught in Providence judge dons traditional Pakistani Kapol hat in courtroom

Video goes viral on social media as users praise Peshawari couple for spotlighting indigenous culture

A Pakistani couple from Peshawar gifted a traditional Pakol hat to famous American Judge Frank Caprio – who stars in the famous series Caught in Providence.

A video circulating on social media featured a couple who hailed from Peshawar, Pakistan.

After having their case heard by judge Frank Caprio, the couple requested to take a photo with the jurist.

Caprio allowed and the spouses walked up to the judge’s bench with something inside a plastic bag.

Before the picture was to be captured, the man took out a traditional Pakol hat from the bag and gifted it to the Caught in Providence judge.

Following this, the couple took a photo with Caprio.

frank caprio

caught in providence

peshawari hat

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