Infidelity saga: Aima Baig decries ‘bullies’, people playing victim

Singer says she is going through major depression, promises to disclose many more 'truths'
<p>Art work credit: Saad Ali/SAMAA Digital</p>

Art work credit: Saad Ali/SAMAA Digital

Singer Aima Baig, who has been caught up in an infidelity scandal following her split from fiance Shahbaz Shigri, has finally come out to answer her critics.

In a sequence of stories posted on social media platform Instagram on Wednesday, Aima opened up about the entire saga where she was accused of using the ‘rape card’ against filmmaker Qes Ahmed with whom she is accused of cheating on Shigri.

The message appeared to be directed at the general public but also contained a set of cryptic messages for certain people who may have greater access to her personal life.

“Bol liya aap sab nay? Karlia bully ya abhi or thora rehta ha to wo bhi karlain (Have you all had your say? Have you bullied me enough or do you still want to have another go?),” she began in what appeared to be an expression of her anger and hurt.

“Without even knowing the entire truth. Ab main thora sa kuch boloun?”

The singer continued that she had left a ’verry respectful statement to put an end to this whole situation. But some people wants to stay quiet because they know how many more ugly things would come out not just about them but about their families too.“

“I still want to keep up with that respect that I gave to these people inface to this one person and family because “that is not how my up bringing is”,” she said in what appeared to be a cryptic message to a certain section of her followers.

“And can’t make fun of people who are deceased or how they used their significant other and then acted as if they are the victim,” she said in a veiled swipe at Qes Ahmed who called out Aima for using the rape card when she was the one who allegedly made advances towards him.

“People who know this person personally…. have nothing to say about this matter since they knew the truth way before y’all got aware of it. And trust me they know why it happened,” she wrote.

Aima claimed that whatever happened has caused her major trauma and depression, adding that “people don’t know what actually happened.”

She also took a swipe at British fashion model Taloulah Mair – Qes Ahmed’s former girlfriend – saying, “these extra’s who just wants some followers and money… please give them that so they can move on with their lives.”

“I am not someone who fire up the situation by only showing parts to the people that would help them play the victim card,” she said in what appeared to be an attack on Qes who had posted a video of an alleged phone call with Aima in which he accuses the Coke Studio singer of using the rape card.

“I am not even going to talk about some random extras in my story since they don’t have families they care about or even dignity to accept who they really are,” she said in a veiled swipe at Mair.

Aima also took exception to the memes being spread about the entire saga, noting the situation was beyond funny and straight up bullying.

“How can people believe or any sane person would believe in these accusations by some random people who are only looking for few followers,” she said, adding that most people have been judging her from a crafted picture of her life, “without even knowing the actual truth and the real story behind these beautiful pictures and happy faces we put out for the world to see.”

“(It) isn’t really the truth.”

She added that things that happen behind closed doors could be toxic sometimes.

“A lot goes behind these pictures, maybe a way to say sorry or to make our partner feel better after a mistake,” she said.

Towards the end, Aima suggested that the entire saga had taught her at least one lesson, even if it was painful.

“One thing I learned during this whole drama… is that never let the world know who you love,” she said, but instead of naming any love interests, she referred to her parents.

She also had a few parting messages for some of the people whom she thinks have wronged her, noting, “never just stay quiet and let people take advantage of your kindness towards them for the sake of good times.”

“And never trust a book from its cover,” she further advised before taking a disturbing turn to say, “Also never date a man 100X older than you. You never know what goes up in that mind.”

Will the truth come out?

Aima suggested that she will be spilling beans about all that happened soon.

“For all those still wondering what exactly happened. Will get to see in about a day or two,” she said, before sarcastically adding, “till then for all the bullies out there keep spending your time making these memes.”

“I guess its always good to make someone laugh, even though you are not the one enjoying the experience because it involved loved one, investment and many more truths which the world might never know but also …. should know.”

Some afters…

After two exhaustingly long posts, it seemed that Aima was still not done with some of the characters in the entire saga and went back for some afters.

“Also, one last thing, if someone knows a good doctor, like a really, really good doctor, please share the number, I need to send it to someone who badly needs it,” she said, before snarkily adding, “saath thoray say paisay bhi otherwise apkay sath bhi wohi hoga jo meray sath hua, if you know, you know.”

She added that “such medical conditions are real even when these patients are doing the same ’oh no way! not the same.”

The singer said that such people can start living in a fantasy.

“They start to live in their own reality, just like some movie o shit because aap log aisay logo ki help karnay ki karnay ki bajaye unko aur hype detay hain, which leads to some serious damage for their own health,” she said in the cryptic note.

She signed off the note by saying “I am just your very own baazi girl, who only knows how to entertain people with her art of singing.”

Curiously, in the entire statement, she did not raise the issue of rape card even once.

It remains to be seen what else does Aima say and what she shows about the partial videos she spoke of.

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