WATCH: British MP stuns parliament by pledging allegiance to King Charles III in ‘mother tongue’

MP says it was a moving and personal way to honour his late mother and his heritage from former British colonies in South East Asia
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A member of the British Parliament from Manchester stunned the House of Commons when he insisted on reciting his oath of allegiance to Britain’s new king in his ‘mother tongue’ instead of his country’s official language of English.

Under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain transformed from an all conquering empire into an inclusive state comprising of many nations.

Simply take a look at the current British cabinet of Prime Minister Liz Truss and you would see diversity the likes of which were unheard of in 10 Downing Street half a century ago.

With the rapid growth of immigrant communities and second generation Britons who trace their origin back to several former British colonies, it was but natural that a lot many more ‘brown’ people would be found walking about the House of Commons.

But, the British law of allegiance to their monarch remains an inviolable principle for all those who choose to represent their people before the British crown.

This is the case with Pakistani-origin MP Afzal Khan from Manchester. He is associated with the opposition Labor party.

He has been a member of the British parliament since June 8, 2017, representing Gorton. Currently, he enjoys the role of Shadow Minister for Justice in the house.

Like all other parliamentarians in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death earlier in September and the ascension of King Charles III, he too had to pledge allegiance to the new monarch.

However, he chose to use the moment to also pay tribute to someone else who perhaps has a bit more meaning to his life than even the king of England.

While reading out the oath of allegiance, Afzal said that he would both honor the king and his mother.

The way he chose to do so was by reciting the oath in his mother’s tongue, which is Urdu.

“Today I made history by pledging allegiance to King Charles in both English, and my mother tongue, Urdu,” he said.

He explained his odd decision as a moving and personal way to honor not only his late mother but also his heritage, whilst ushering in a new era and celebrating the Commonwealth.

Watch the oath below:

Queen Elizabeth II


King Charles iii

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