‘Pakistan heading towards civil unrest’: Imran Khan

Says Sri Lanka like situation developing in the country because there is no justice and rule of law

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday announced to kick start from Saturday a movement against the government.

He claimed that he sees little indication that the government is interested in holding general elections soon per his demand.

Addressing the All Pakistan Lawyer’s Convention in Lahore on Wednesday, the former prime minister reiterated that the current government was a ‘cabal of thieves’ who were busy hiding their corruption under the amended NAB laws.

“Pakistan is facing the worst crisis in terms of food insecurity but they busy giving themselves NROs (national reconciliation orders),” he said.

He further urged the public to never ever vote for those political parties whose leaders have vested interests lying outside the country, as he used the term “conflict of interest,” to define those leaders who have wealth outside the country.

Imran condemned those who were allegedly threatening PTI activists.

“The constitution protects my freedom of speech,” he said, before repeating, “those who threaten you, you should threat them back.”

In the end, he invited lawyers to join his movement.

“When I call you, you must come out for a prosperous Pakistan,” he said, adding, “I will give Pakistan real freedom.”

Civil unrest

Imran warned that the country is heading towards civil unrest owing to the situation caused in Pakistan due to the incumbent government.

He added a Sri Lanka like situation is developing in the country because that there is no justice or rule of law.

Imran went on to claim that his chief of staff, Shahbaz Gill, who was an assistant professor in an American university, was detained at the behest of the government for expressing his opinion and subjected to custodial torture, including being striped naked and beaten.

Claiming that a person who was implicated in ‘open-and-shut’ cases of corruption, he is being consulted on who should be appointed as the next head of the country’s powerful military.

Imran Khan

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