Fact Check: Blunder spotted in The Jerusalem Post news story about Pakistan

Publication forgets to vet facts about former rulers of country

The news story of a Pakistani delegation visiting Israel has stirred a debate on social media once again. But, in the race of breaking the story, it seems like a famous Israeli publication forgot to check the facts.

The Pakistani government has not responded on the alleged visit to Israel so far. Still, its critics are keeping the matter in limelight merely on media reports and claims by some local journalists.

However, the reality about the visit is yet to be established.

But, what is established is the fact that The Jerusalem Post did not vet the facts before breaking the story.

In a paragraph under the heading “Pakistani delegation to meet with Isaac Herzog” in the story, the news website mentions Pervez Musharraf as the former prime minister of Pakistan.

On the contrary, the military dictator served as the country’s president.



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