Taloulah Mair’s Insta account suspended, Aima Baig threatens using rape card? Read all here

Bristish model vows to expose Pakistani singer from her new account
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

Things have turned sour for Taloulah Mair after her Instagram account was suspended in the aftermath of levelling allegations of an affair between her film-maker boyfriend Qes Ahmed and Pakistani singer Aima Baig.

In a freshly created account (@taloulahmairr__), the bio reads, “Aima got my old account suspended.”

She also shared a story on her account claiming that the singer paid someone to get her account suspended.

Taloulah Mair has urged her followers to view the stories on her new account because this is where she would disclose more things.

One of the new videos is here where she shared about her account suspension.

Another video is also circulating in which Aima is threatening to use rape card - but we don’t know who she is talking to and even if it is real!

But it seems that the account suspension will not hold back Mair. The British model has vowed that she would keep revealing more about Aima Baig from her new account.

How it started

Opening a can of worms, British fashion model Taloulah Mair claimed on social media that singer Aima Baig allegedly cheated on Shahbaz Shigri with her boyfriend and film-maker Qes Ahmed.

She shared this in a video shared on her Instagram highlight in which she made these revelations.

Taloulah Mair also shared a screenshot of a chat allegedly between Qes Ahmed and Aima Baig.

Read more about it here.

Aima Baig

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