Brahmastra: Kangana Ranaut calls out Karan Johar ‘again’ on fake numbers

Thalaivi star wants to interview Karan Johar for sharing fake box office collection of Brahmastra
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Photo: File

Kangana Ranaut once again bashed Brahmastra’s box office collection by sharing filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s recent tweet regarding the movie.

On Monday, The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri tweeted, “Hahahaha. I don’t know how did they beat #TheKashmirFiles…with sticks, rods, hockey… or AK47 or stones… Or with paid PR and influencers? Let Bollywood films compete with each other. Leave us alone. I am not in that dumb race. Thanks.”

Earlier today, the Panga actor reacted to Agnihotri’s tweets in a series of Instagram stories.

In one of the stories she attached The Kashmir Files’ director tweet and wrote, “Now, according to mafia minions, Karan Johar film has beaten it The Kashmir Files brutally… Karan Johar ji aap kya cheeze ho yaar (what are you, Karan Johar).”

In another story, she shared a tweet about Brahmastra box office collection and termed it as “post covid-19 pandemic verdict model invented for Karan Johar.”

She wrote, “Post pandemic verdict model, especially invented for Karan Johar films… By the way, Thugs of Hindustan (2018) earned around ₹280 crores worldwide gross and its budget was also around ₹280 crore… But they didn’t spend on PR machinery. Otherwise, with the new Karan Johar models, no film will ever flop.”

Last week, the Thalaivi actor expressed her wish to interview Karan Johor about Brahmastra’s box office collection.

She wants to ask him about the reason for releasing the gross collection of the movie and not the net collection. Although, Karan Johar has not responded to her cries as yet.

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