WATCH: Mentally unsound man creates panic on Dubai-bound flight

The incident, which took place some days ago, ended in a brawl with the PIA crew and his deportation to Pakistan
Sep 19, 2022

A mentally-challenged young man had to be physically restrained and was ultimately deported when he created panic on a Dubai-bound flight where he broke the window by punching and kicking it.

The incident took place some days ago on a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight, PK-283, which was travelling from Peshawar to Dubai.

A 21-year-old man from Mardan had boarded the flight along with dozens of other passengers.

The flight had taken off normally and was in mid-air when passengers noticed the young man behaving irregularly.

He suddenly started to recite the Azan and offer prayers.

Crew members said that this behavior caused panic amongst passengers.

When the crew asked him to refrain from what he was doing, he refused to listen.

The crew confronted him, at which point an altercation between them began. At some point, he took off his shirt as well and tried to kick the window in an attempt to break it.

The crew eventually restrained him physically and tied him with rope.

After landing in Dubai, he was handed over to the security staff there.

Dubai authorities arrested the passenger, conducted an investigation and later deported him to Pakistan.

Upon his return, he was arrested by Pakistani authorities. They conducted their own investigation into the matter, noting that it was evident the young man was mentally challenged.

The PIA staff penalized him for the Dubai-Peshawar flight and the charges incurred by Dubai security staff.



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