Its going to be cold this winter but stay warm with GulAhmed’s new shawl suits collection

With their exclusive winter collection, keep yourself and your loved ones warm and comfortable

Winter is just around the corner. And there is no better time than now to update your wardrobe with all the essential warm clothing that keeps you comfortable and on-trend this year. GulAhmed’s Winter Collection 2022 is ready to kick off the cold season with its seamless fusion of modern designs, woven with luscious threads of premium fabric that keep you warm without all the excess weight and a hit on the pocket.

As winter draws near, a quick look through GulAhmed’s Winter Collection 2022 is enough to leave any fashion connoisseur mesmerized for the forthcoming season.

The entire collection is about weather-appropriate colors with hues evoking the feelings of autumn and bundled warmth of winter, contoured with heavy and light embroideries.

To complete any look and to stay warm, GulAhmed Winter Collection comprises of both Pashmina shawls and matching Khaddar shirts amalgamated into one neat package featuring light tones and varied prints.

Destined to be everyone’s favorite, it features the latest Pashmina and Karandi designs that complement as many outfits as you would like.

It is ideal for those on a budget as the shawls can easily be paired with several dresses.

If you can’t stop thinking about the collection just like us, buy it today.

GulAhmed’s Winter Collection 2022 is a haven for your picky mood as it showcases beautiful Pashmina Shawl suits that have a subtle hand-woven touch on the edges.

For the soft feels, the assortment includes a Karandi Shawl collection that has been weaved with the utmost precision and a care to incorporate traditional designs.

If there’s one color that remains a showstopper, it is this one. The modish three-piece suit comes with a woven Pashmina Shawl bordered by tufts of loose threads in a beige tone, red dyed trousers, and an embellished khaddar shirt with delicately hand-woven front and sleeves.

The pashmina shawl stands out as a beautiful fusion of bold color with traditional handwork. This crimson suit would give nothing but a regal appearance to the lady of the night.

Another piece that is hard to let go of without instantly adding to the cart is the baroque print. The beauty of this suit lies in the monotone blue-on-blue combination that is quite exquisite.

The white, embroidered neckline is beautifully stretched across the vesture with heavy yet pretty work done on the sleeves. This three-piece suit draped with gold and lacquer printed Pashmina Shawl with blue fringes on its borders had us swooning.

This blue dress with a golden touch on the edges offers an unmatched statement of grandeur all on its own.

The gold printed Pashmina shawl draped around the dress remains the highlight of the three-piece suit. The chic shirt has an embroidered khaddar front with V-neck and sleeves embellished intricately.

The overall look has been balanced with a dyed khaddar back and a pair of blue trousers. The golden motifs spread across the entire ensemble makes the dress worthy of being worn on special ‘khandani’ (family) occasions to get everyone talking.

They say orange is the new black. But this orange brings an earthy aura that sparkles when matched with contrasting whites. The best part about it is that the suit is not confined to being one that sees sunlight when the mercury falls. The color combination choice remains in vogue all year round.

Nothing can outshine the look black-colored apparel gives off when embroidered with a contrasting subdued shade and thence GulAhmed has rolled out the same striking combination afresh. Looking at the Karandi dress, this luxury ensemble can effortlessly pull off a majestic look at any event. Not sure about you, but seeing this dress, I genuinely can’t gag my oniomania any longer.

The gold and lacquer printed khaddar shirt has slanting stripes on its sleeves and is coordinated with colored trousers and an exquisitely-printed woven pashmina shawl.

With their not-so-loud color tone, the flowy patterns in the shirt give a sense of flamboyance to the outfit.

For all of its detractors, black-colored apparel retains its spot in everyone’s wardrobe, from being regal to the staple. But with embroidery and contrasting, subdued shades, GulAhmed has rolled out a striking combination.

Looking at the karandi dress, this luxury ensemble can help you effortlessly pull off a majestic look at any event.

Not sure about you, but seeing this dress, we genuinely can’t suppress our excitement any longer.

The digital prints, featuring printed twill linen and dyed trousers, offer a sophisticated fusion of multiple colors. The digital printed linen dupatta stays seamless with its unique patterns and style of its own while letting the electric blue pop out. Paired with a digitally printed khaddar shirt and dyed trousers, the outfit stands for a winning glance.

If you’re planning on an elan impression at your next hangout with friends, then get a hold of this exclusive 3-piece suit that leaves a dose of magnificence wherever it goes.

The eclectic work with motifs all over the shirt piece with a floral and essential combination of stylized patterns makes it admirable. A bonus point for the heavy gold-printed dupatta adding a spark of finesse to the attire.

The new winter fabrics have arrived, and the fashionistas are ready to shell out on them, so hurry and buy yours before stocks run out. Visit:


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