Have you noticed more ads on YouTube recently? Here’s why

Ads are lasting up to a minute

Without an official announcement, YouTube has ramped up the number of ads it shows before and during the videos. The ads can last up to a minute, and you cannot even jump to the video without waiting.

The measure has apparently been taken to maintain the video streaming platform and support creators.

Despite concerns of the users, the bad news is that YouTube doesn’t seem to have any intention to lower the number of ads which is undoubtedly annoying.

Several users have reported more than five ads being displayed even before a video starts.

What’s more frustrating is that all of them are unskippable, and they last up to a minute.

While the longer ones still come with an enabled ‘Skip ad’ button – a relief for sure.

It means that a user has no option but to watch ads or at least wait for them to get over to be able to watch the desired video.

YouTube has called them bumper ads. The TeamYouTube official Twitter handle said in reply to a user showing concern on ramped up ads.

The video streaming platform is yet to make an official announcement of increased ad frequency.



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