Veteran artist believes Humayun Saeed has no talent, calls those who think otherwise fools

He rates other actors too, stays a bit greedy in giving marks

In a recent interview on SAMAA TV’s show Super Over, Firdous Jamal rated the top-tier Pakistani actors. While talking about Humayun Saeed, he said “forget about him” as he was of the view that the celebrated actor possessed no acting skills.

In the interview, the veteran actor was asked to rate Faysal Quraishi, Nauman Ijaz, Sohail Ahmed, Aijaz Aslam, and Humayun Saeed based on their acting skills.

Out of 10, he gave Faysal Quraishi and Aijaz Aslam only four marks.

When it came to Humayun Saeed, Jamal refrained from giving any marks as he believes that the London Nahi Jaunga actor does not possess acting skills.

He said, “Humayun Saeed has no acting skills, no voice, no character, no body language”.

The show host Ahmed Butt interrupted him saying that Saeed has given the Pakistani film industry some blockbuster hits. At this, Jamal said, “Some people are still foolish enough to think that Humayun Saeed is a good actor”.

Although, Jamal gave Sohail Ahmed 12 marks and six to Nauman Ijaz while adding additional four marks for personality.

The actor also cleared the air about his controversial statement regarding Mahira Khan.

He explained, “I said that she should do character roles. Our society wants to see 18 years olds as the main lead, there is a difference of age between a lady and a girl. I didn’t mean that she’s an old woman, now if I play a teenage boy character, it would look bad”.

Furthermore, he said, “I don’t say anything to anyone due to personal grudges, I’m a technical person, so I judge others’ acting skills on technical grounds. I don’t watch actors’ work as a normal viewer because I’m an artist, what looks good to them may look poor to me”.

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