Meta announces another excellent feature for Messenger, Facebook

New feature to be first tested in Messenger

Meta has just unveiled the community chats feature. This new feature lets users initiate group conversations directly on Facebook and Messenger.

Community Chats will initially be launched on Messenger before being made available to Facebook Groups in the upcoming weeks.

Users should be able to form Facebook groups, initiate conversations, and audio channels, ask people to join their groups, and more, all from within the Messenger app once community chats are available.

There will be several choices for starting a chat for group members, including a discussion for a particular topic, an event, a view-only broadcast chat for announcements, or a chat for admins only, which will keep conversations between admins and moderators secret.

Members will have access to report messages to group moderators or directly to Meta, block people, and exit a chat anytime.

Community Chats are currently being tested on Messenger, as was already stated. Still, they will also be available to Facebook Groups in the upcoming weeks.



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