Swat explosion leaves peace committee member among 5 dead

In a separate incident, explosion outside police station in Kohat leaves eight injured

A roadside explosion in the Barabandai area of Swat has resulted in the death of five people, including a senior leader of the local peace committee, local police said.

Swat District Police Officer Zahid Nawaz Marwat told SAMAA TV that a convoy of peace committee member Idress Khan was passing through the Barabandai area when an explosive device planted along its route was detonated using a remote control.

As a result of the explosion, five vehicle occupants were killed on the spot. This included Idrees, two of his companions and two police officers.

Locals said that Idrees Khan used to have political affiliations but had retired from politics in recent years.

Kohat blast

An explosion took place outside a police station in Kohat that left at least eight people injured.

The chief of the police station was also injured in the attack while the van of the police station was also damaged.

Last month, reports surfaced of militants encroaching into the picturesque valley of Swat.

However, local police and the military refuted the reports, stating that they were just a few individuals on remote hilltops in the valley and that they did not have concerted presence in the area.


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