Rawalpindi emerging as hotspot for dengue virus in Punjab

At least 125 fresh cases registered in 24 hours across the province
Sep 10, 2022
<p>Dengue carrier, the aedes aegypti mosquito. Photo: Wikipedia</p>

Dengue carrier, the aedes aegypti mosquito. Photo: Wikipedia

After monsoon rains lashed most parts of the province causing flooding in some parts, it is the urban centers of the province, particularly Rawalpindi, which is emerging as a hotspot for the dengue virus.

The latest data released by the Punjab Health Department on Saturday showed that there has been a surge in the number of dengue cases across the province with 125 new cases detected in the past 24 hours.

The data showed that the most cases, 50, were confirmed in Rawalpindi.

In Lahore, another 39 dengue cases were confirmed, the health department said.

Other cities where the mosquito-borne disease was confirmed included nine in Gujranwala, three in Multan, three in Sheikhupura, three in Okara, two in Pakpattan, two in Muzaffargarh, two in Kasur, two in Gujarat, two in Sahiwal, and two in Vehari.

At the moment, there are 520 dengue patients admitted in various hospitals across Punjab, of which 141 are in Lahore.

So far, some 2,033 cases of dengue infection have been reported across Punjab this year.

What causes dengue

A mosquito, aedes aegypti, is the vector responsible for the spread of dengue, chickengunya, Zika, Mayaro and yellow fever viruses.

It can be recognized through the black and white pattern on its legs and body.

Though it originated in Africa it is now also found in Pakistan and other subtropical regions across the world.

Dengue prevention

Chances of dengue infection can be annulled through active monitoring of surroundings and proper housekeeping.

Here are some measures suggested by the Punjab government for the prevention and control of dengue:

  • Maintenance of environmental cleanliness
  • Water storage utensils such as buckets, drums, and tanks should be covered
  • Anti-Mosquito indoor and outdoor spraying
  • Removal of stagnant water to avoid multiplication of mosquitos
  • Room cooler and air conditioner water must be drained right away
  • Water collected in refrigerator trays should be cleaned at least once a week
  • Removal of garbage and water from surroundings
  • Rooftops must be cleared of stagnant water after every rainfall
  • Discarded tires must be disposed of after shredding
  • Leaking water faucets, pipes and drains must be repaired immediately
  • Flower pots and places that accumulate water overtime should be cleaned weekly


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