Plagiarism: Pakistani top tier fashion designer ‘frustrated’ with being copied

Zara has been criticized for ripping off international brands too but she denied


Zara Shahjahan definitely has made her mark on the local fashion industry with her remarkable attention to details and sleek silhouettes in her designs that often get copied by the other designers as well. Now the designer is annoyed by being copied by the other designers and brands and has come up with an announcement.


Recently, the ace designer took to her Instagram to lay out her frustration.

She wrote in her Instagram story, “Please, please. Stop, copying me. Honestly, you guys are very talented and if you really put pressure on your brains, I promise you can come up with amazing ideas.”

The designer’s specialty is her handcrafted Bridal wear, luxury pret and lawn prints.

Zara has designed for top Pakistani celebrities including Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari’s wedding outfit.

Last year, many designers and brands have been found copying Zara Shahjahan’s designs and prints with a slight difference.

One of them was, actors Aiman and Minal, who were heavily criticized for ripping off Zara’s design for their clothing line.

The celebrity twin’s brand, Aiman Minal Closet’s Summer 2021 designs seemed to take some serious inspiration from Zara Shahjahan’s designs.

In 2013, the well-known brand Sana Safinaz was also criticized for copying Zara’s design.

Sana Safinaz copies Zara Shahjahan. PHOTO: FILE
Sana Safinaz copies Zara Shahjahan. PHOTO: FILE

Although Zara has also been criticized by many for copying the International brand’s designs, she denied rumors.

In an interview, she said, “We took these decisions as I do not want any of my brands to be associated with plagiarism.”


Zara Shahjahan

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