Deadly floods: 70m Pakistanis affected, 170,000 sq km inundated

65% food basket wiped-off, economic losses amount to $25 billion

The deadly floods have affected over 70 million people, inundating 170,000 square kilometers area of Pakistan.

The incessant monsoon rains and floods have damaged the country’s agricultural infrastructure of around $20 billion, costing economic losses amounting to $25 billion.

As a result of the floods, almost 40 million people have been rendered homeless while over six million flood victims are in need of quick financial aid, food, drinking water and emergency medicine.

Nearly 65% of the food basket (agricultural crops such as rice, pulses, sugarcane and vegetables) has been swept away by the recent floods. Initial estimates suggest that the floods and climate catastrophe have submerged 21 million acres (78,000 km2) of crops cultivated in 57 districts of the country.

The heavy floods also perished 2.65 million livestock, 334 poultry and 156 fish farms putting farmers on their knees when it comes to meet food demands of 100 million people in these areas.

The damages to cotton and rice crops in the Indus River basin are estimated to be over $2 billion. According to the reports, over 1300 people have been killed nationwide while over 7,500 have been injured in the floods so far.

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The estimated production of cotton cultivated on around five million acres is badly damaged as nearly 60% of the cotton crops have been damaged. Its estimated production was expected to be 2 million tonnes this year. Similarly, 70% of rice crops cultivated on nine million acres are also damaged. Earlier estimates had put the expected production at 9.4 million tonnes this year.

Nearly 6,100 kilometres of road infrastructure has also been damaged by heavy floods and monsoon rains which have washed away nearly 25 million of houses in 151 cities of the country.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PDM) recorded the highest average monsoons and floods this year which have broken the records of floods of 2015, 2010, 2007, 1997 and 1976. The monsoon rainfall of 2022 was the highest during the last 40 years, PMD officials said.

Experts believe that 2022 floods is lot bigger as compared to many floods that occurred in Indus River in 1973 and 1976. This is when the country established the Federal Flood Commission (FFC) to execute flood control projects to protect human lives and infrastructures in the future. This year’s flood, however, have exposed the country’s seriousness to handle the climate crisis and poor safety of numerous projects initiated, funded and completed in the past forty years.

SAMAA TV’s Investigation Unit gathered official figures/data from different agencies and disaster managers to gauge estimated damages where deadly floods left a trail of destruction across the country.

The government officials are terming this year’s floods/monsoon rains the deadliest in the country’s history, surpassing the damages and scale of all previous natural disasters including 2004 earthquakes.

According to the officials, Pakistan is the worst victim of climate change causing large-scale floods across Pakistan.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Provincial Disaster Management Authorities (PDMAs) officials associated with the rescue operations said that the number of deaths, injuries, perishing of animals and damages of crops is expected to rise in the coming days. The floods and monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in around 110 districts of the country, they said.

The latest reports on rains and floods shared by the NDMA, provincial authorities and districts’ administration with SAMAA TV revealed that 440 children and 250 women lost their lives in different areas. The highest number of deaths and injuries were recorded in Sindh: 466 deaths and 4232 injured. It is followed by Balochistan where local administration put the death at 283 deaths while figure of those injured is 602.

Meanwhile, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 274 deaths were reported and 851 people were injured, according to reports. From Punjab, local officials reported 203 deaths while 2,423 people were injured in the flood and rain related incidents.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, approximately 47 people perished in floods while over 45 people were injured. Some 22 deaths were reported from Gilgit-Baltistan where heavy rains and floods injured five people.

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