Rajanpur flood victims wary of delay in aid, administrative incompetence

Flood affectees left to fend for themselves
Sep 03, 2022
<p>Flood survivors camped on a road in Fazilpur await aid. Photo: SAMAA screengrab</p>

Flood survivors camped on a road in Fazilpur await aid. Photo: SAMAA screengrab

Housed in makeshift shelters and tents, hundreds of flood victims are awaiting aid in South Punjab’s Rajanpur district while complaining that no one from the government has reached out to them with relief packages.

In Fazilpur, flood survivors have camped on the road to flee the devastation by the high water level in their villages and towns.

Speaking to SAMAA TV, the flood affectees complained about the apathy of the government towards them.

“No one has come here to deliver relief package to us despite several claims by the government that aid is being disbursed among the needy persons,” a flood victim protested.

Another woman chimed in that the floods destroyed everything in its way, “Houses collapsed, animals were swept away and here we are helplessly sitting on the side of the road fending for ourselves and cooking whatever is available.”

She requested the authorities to send help as soon as possible as conditions take a turn for the worse.

A group of elderly women also complained that someone handed out tokens to them and did not deliver any aid package.

They said they waited till 11pm and then thought maybe they were pranked.


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