Zeeshan earned two MBAs from London, then he was killed by Karachi robbers

Muggers shot the man in front of his wife and children

Late Thursday, street robbers shot dead a young man in front of his wife and children in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Johar area. He was identified as Zeeshan Afzal.

The 41-years-old had earned two MBAs from London and returned to Pakistan only a few years ago.

He took his wife and children to have ice cream at Gulistan-e-Johar’s Munawar Chorangi.

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The family was eating ice cream sitting in their car when unidentified muggers approached them and asked for their belongings.

Zeeshan wanted to protect his children. The robbers took it for resistance and shot him dead in cold blood.

Zeeshan is one of the victims to be killed by robbers in Karachi.



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