Over 30 village councils declared calamity hit in Nowshera

Fearing swollen River Kabul hundreds of families fail to return home
Sep 02, 2022
<p>Massive floods in Pakistan have affected more than 30 million people—Photo: AFP</p>

Massive floods in Pakistan have affected more than 30 million people—Photo: AFP

Life has not yet returned to normalcy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s flood-hit district of Nowshera and Swat where hundreds of families need rehabilitation.

In Swat, people have returned to their homes filled with mud and debris left by the flood.

In Nowshera and Charsadda hundreds of families were living in the open after vacating their homes located near River Kabul. The authorities now want them to return to their homes.

The district administration has declared at least 36 village councils of Nowshera as ‘calamity-hit’.

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Along with lives claimed, many schools, houses and buildings were also damaged by flash flood water. However, some schools have opened but cleaning and repairing work is underway in many schools while some institutes are still closed.

Rains and melting of glaciers in the upper parts of the country had triggered the floods. Due to high flooding in the Swat River, scores of bridges and connecting roads were closed as authorities fear flood-like situations across the KP region.

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